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About Hotel Bilju Inn Munsiyari

A Virgin Himalayan destination located amidst the white Mountains of central Himalayan range in Uttarakhand, the last Sub division of sovereign India, Munsyari is lesser known and undiscovered jewel in hill stations, mesmerising thousands of the tourists who are really in search of a calm and cool locations out of league from the conventional hill destinations and to have few days leisure time rendezvous with the nature in lush green serene environs from the World wide. This is the destination having treasure of natural beauty featuring forest,hotels,Mountains,tranquility,Sun,snow,water, flora,fauna and rich cultural heritage peacefully located on the Lap of excuisite Panchchuli Himalaya range. The land known for the abode of innumerable deity bearing the potential of hot destination of nature lovers and trekkers. Geographically a boarder Town remote and mountainous place once happen to be the trade route of Indo-tibbatan trade by the shauka community of johar valley till 1962 Sino-Indian war. the Panchchuli,Herdeval,Rajrambha,Hansling,Chhiplakot etc peaks are the Windows view here. A small Town having 10,000 plus population housing a Market and divisional authority Offices and Hundreds of Villages and Hemlets in its realm. Many festivals and local fairs round the year signifies the existance of rich culture and traditions in the area. Munsyari town is the supply and logistic support point for Mountaineers trekkers,migratory peoples,defence and security personnels in higher Himalyas and border posts.


The main Town is nestled at an elevation of 2300M, and the motor road approching to the Munsyari follows the gradient of 2700M to 2100M elevation manoeuvring your Body and mind in cool and soothing forests with the breathtaking views reverberating in to the eyes.


A pleasant atmosphere maximum mercurry level Hotests day during summer 30 degree celcius, A minimum temperature in coldest day during winter -0.5 degree Celcius.


Hotel Bilju Inn Himnagari, Munsiyari
Distt : Pithoragarh,
Uttarakhand, India

+91-9411163333 +91-8191890333, +91-8191899555

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